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Elisenbrunnen - Gallery
  • The reconstruction 2009 - A Year of Fear and Incertitude
  • The Making of ... - Everything you always wanted to know about Salsa @ Elisenbrunnen but were afraid to ask
  • The Rotunda - A different View
  • More Interna
  • Salsa Party in the Rotunda of the Elisenbrunnen
    Location: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz (Aachen-town centre, next to the theatre), see city map • Organisation by: Ulf Lohmann
    18-22 o'clock, entrance 1 € for expenses like fees - rights for the music: GEMA (like BUMA/Stemra in NL or SABAM in Belgium) - and equipment, transport ...
    Here the posible dates of the season 2017. Since the Elisenbrunnen hall, a thermal colonade, is well sheltered by a roof - as you can see in the picture below - there's nothing we must fear but the chilliness and wind. That means foretold temperatures below 16°C in the evening and/or stormy and/or also wet weather (or parts of the floor) may lead to a cancelation of the party. That means - to be on the save side - look up for confirmation or relocation here on this page, here in Events and also on Facebook until Sunday 4 o'clock if the party will take place.
    3.Domingo16.04. cancelled
    4.Domingo23.04. cancelled
    5.Domingo30.04. DJ Mostafa
    3.Domingo21.05. DJ Pablo
    Agosto1.Domingo06.08. DJ Mostafa
    3.Domingo20.08. DJ Pablo
    3.Domingo17.09. Today no party. Expected temperature after 7 o'clock no more than 12°
    Octubre1.Domingo 01.10. DJ Pablo
    2.Domingo08.10. canceled
    4.Domingo22.10. canceled
    5.Domingo29.10. canceled.
    Location: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz (Aachen-town centre, next to the theatre), see city map
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  • 19.6.'16
  • 7.8.'16

    More Pictures on Chrissies Salsa Homepage (but especially the one with the gettho blaster is not actual any more!)

    By the way: on the 2nd and 4th sundays that are not listed (all the sundays in between) in the Elisenbrunnen there`s ...
  • Tango argentino from 18 till bis 22 o'clock (until the end of September)

  • provided by Ulf Lohmann
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