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The Making of Salsa Open-Air D E F
Slime ... and grime Aguamenti Tergeo! Accio agua! Reducio! Equipment
Countdown: one hour to go. Getting the whole stuff out for the transport into the city:
Cool box, box with CD's, micro & head phones and other odds and ends, 2 tables, stands, wardrobe bars, 2 satellite speakers;
Subwoofer system, box with CD player, amplifier, mixer; crate with cups, rum and flyers, shelves;
2 boxes, cable box, box with cover mats, crate with hangers for the wardrobe.
Then waiting for the taxi. Hopefully a good one. Because not every taxi turns out suitable. And if it is not every taxi driver is convinced that the whole stuff fits in. But here's the proof.
!-- But I prefer waiting for Karin :-)-->