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  • What you ever wanted to hear, but could not to ask for, because you didn't know the name of the song ... Here, in these playlists, you may find it, at least if you heard it when it was me who played the music. In these playlist you'll find all the songs I played this year in the Elisenbrunnen, Apollo or where ever.
  • Also you can ask for titles if you like. There are a lot of songs I have not played for a long time or not yet played, which you can find using the search function. But you can nominate any other songs as well, but I may ask you to send me a song, which is not yet in my collection, either as mp3 via eMail or as CD.
    Contact: ULFinAix(at)aol.com (Spam-prophylaxis: please replace (at) by @!)

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