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  • The (Nick)Name/Account is recommended to be not too cryptic in order to keep your modifications refered to you for all the users of this forum. Note: in case of too enigmatic anonymising names I may delete the whole entry!
  • ‘eMail‘-Address is neccessary to get the NewsLetter. Since the address list is password protected (no login, no access) you won't be afraid of those agents crowling the internet for eMail addresses. If you want to be on the very safe side just mask the ‘@‘ with ‘(at)‘, what has no effect on the news-letter.
  • ‘Region‘ helps you to individually canalize the flow of the newsletter. If your are e.g. only interesed in news in the Netherlands and Luik, you just enable Liège and Netherlands, but disable all the other towns and countries.
  • 'Language' english: if you select 'english' as langauge you will be shown the english descriptions to Events, Locations or Workshops - if available - instead of the usual german text.

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